Oasis Fitness was founded upon building enduring partnerships with and for our customers. We provide clients with solutions to meet their individual needs and support these with professional industry insights, education and after-care service. Oasis Fitness was founded on partnering with cutting edge manufactures providing innovative and functionally driven products to shape and mold customer requirements. It is these valuable partnership that sets Oasis Fitness apart from other distributors. The fitness industry is constantly evolving and we must take the necessary steps to adapt and predict these changes. As a company, we are prepared to take the lead, we need to inspire and motivate people, and we need to change people’s attitude towards fitness and wellness. Change doesn’t happen unless someone takes the lead. Oasis Fitness is taking the necessary steps, with no hesitation, in being a pioneer!


Our strength category offers an extensive range of single, dual and cable based stations, functional training accessories and now our playground and racking systems. We can offer you a diverse range of installation options to cater to your training needs.

Functional Training

This category combines an extensive range of functional training accessories from suspension systems, Trigger Point, ViPR, weighted medicine balls, plyometric boxes, and full range of battling ropes and elastic tubing.


The cycle category can be divided into the categories: upright, recumbent, cross trainers and indoor cycling. Our upright category range deliveries advanced comfort and technology across all user divisions.


Built to perform, our diversified range of treadmills deliver the ultimate workout options. Our range has many unique functions and features: IFIT Technology, heart rate compatibility, fully integrated entertainment charging stations and customizable programmes.

Alpha Strong

Fitness training equipment by Alpha Strong. Sandbags, sandballs & battling ropes.

Body Blade

The BodyBlade system of training works with vibration and inertia to deliver effective exercises for core


Hampton Fitness is committed to a tradition of product innovation and design of free weights.


Rock Tape is a kinesiology tape for endurance athletes, Crossfit, and sports of all types.

Trigger Point

Trigger Point empowers people to reach an optimal level of movement and performance.

Alpha Mio

Mio ALPHA heart rate watches are perfect for running, cycling and general fitness training.


Dynamax Medicine Balls have been tried, tested and proven by athletes of all levels.


Hyperwear was created to bring fitness products that are simple, effective and efficient.

Sports Art

SportsArt intelligent engineering solutions that enhance the users experience!

TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX is the creator of suspension and RIP training delivering innovative training solutions.


The Core-Tex™ is a completely unique approach to 3 dimensional, functional movement.


Pushing the boundaries of the body’s natural movement. FreeMotion Fitness delivers.

Move Strong

MoveStrong is designed to explore and capture true functional movement and play.


SPRI is a leading manufacturer of quality resistance exercise products for fitness professionals.

Twist Conditioning

Twist Conditioning specializes in sports conditioning, sports training, fitness training and athlete training.

Body Bar

Are the creators of the original Body Bar®, the first ever user friendly free weight.

Gliding Discs

Specifically designed sliding discs transform exercise movements into graceful lines of motion.


The future of fitness – learn more about Power Plate Acceleration and the benefits of vibration.


StroopsMMA · Striking · Strength · Grappling · Accessories · All MMA Products


ViPR was created from a need to evolve training tools and foster purposeful motion


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